The Haunting of Borley Rectory: A review

Starring Kit Pascoe, Zach Clifford, Rad Brown, Garry Roost

This was particularly creepy knowing that it’s based on a true story. The setting being an old Victorian building in Essex, England, gaining infamy as the most haunted house in England, this tells of a recovering American serviceman who, in 1944 is sent to a remote cottage in Essex with instructions to monitor German airwaves.  

He has recurring nightmares of when he was in combat and his recovery is further hampered by the discovery of the half demolished Borley Rectory and an evil that still resides there.

The evil presence follows him back to the cottage, and his nightmares extend into his waking hours with visions of a mysterious Nun.   Things get so bad that he feels he has no choice but to contact the famous paranormal investigator, Harry Price, who is also affected by the evil.

I really enjoyed this film. Creepy and some jumpy moments from the start and thoughout the film as well as being in an eerie, atmospheric setting. I watched this film alone at night. Played on my mind a bit but that’s ok because it goes to show just how well the characters were portrayed. I plan on reading the book next, but that might happen during the day!

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